Radiator Valves

Optimise your professional heating projects with Tucker French's extensive selection of radiator valves, featuring industry-leading brands like Drayton. Our range features both thermostatic and manual options, ensuring versatility and precision for a variety of heating system installations. Ideal for builders, plumbers, and contractors, our radiator valves promise enhanced performance, durability, and streamlined installation.

Upgrade Your Heating with Radiator Valves

Tucker French's radiator valves, seamlessly blending efficiency, reliability, and top-notch performance. Our comprehensive range caters to a variety of plumbing and central heating system needs, ensuring a perfect fit for each customer.

Our collection, designed for different room sizes and types of radiators, includes both high-tech thermostatic radiator valves for automated temperature control and traditional manual valves for classic setups. These valves not only adjust the hot water flow in your radiator but also contribute to energy efficiency.

Trust Tucker French to deliver a superior heating experience with valves that epitomise durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're looking for towel radiator valves or standard options, our valves are a sophisticated and efficient heating upgrade for your home.
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Why Choose Tucker French for Radiator Valves?

  • Wide Selection: Explore valves for all types of radiators, including towel rail options, ensuring a perfect match for every central heating system.
  • Thermostatic & Manual Options: From advanced thermostatic radiator valves for energy-efficient temperature control to classic manual valves for traditional systems.
  • Top Brand Quality: Our selection includes products from reputable brands like Drayton, promising long-lasting durability and peak performance.
  • Customised to Your Needs: Find valves tailored to your radiator type, room size, and specific heating requirements.
  • Quality Meets Functionality: We blend quality with practical functionality in every product, from towel radiator valves to thermostatic options.
  • 1. What types of radiator valves are available?
We offer a range of thermostatic radiator valves for energy efficiency and manual radiator valves for straightforward control, suitable for various central heating systems.

  • 2. How do I choose the right radiator valve?
Select based on your radiator type, room size, and desired features, like temperature control in thermostatic radiator valves or simplicity in manual ones.

  • 3. Are the valves compatible with all radiator types?
Our valves, from towel radiator valves to standard ones, are compatible with most radiator models.

  • 4. Manual Radiator Valves Vs. Thermostatic Radiator Valves
Choose manual valves for simple control, or thermostatic valves for automatic temperature adjustment, enhancing your central heating system's efficiency.

  • 5. Can I install radiator valves myself?
DIY is possible, but professional installation is recommended, especially for thermostatic valves, to ensure optimal performance and safety.

  • 6. How often should radiator valves be replaced or serviced?
Regular maintenance, ideally every 5-8 years, is vital for maintaining the efficiency of your heating system and preventing issues.

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